Zip-Design Your Own Decor with Mut Design's Zip Rug

 - May 25, 2011
References: mutdesign & design-milk
One feature that makes furniture fun is an element of interactivity; users want to have a hand in creating and shaping their own living space.

Mut Design's Zip Rug possesses elements of interactivity and activity, providing infinite possibilities. The Zip Rug actually comes in a pile of plush pieces which are separate from each other; the owner has to connect them to create their custom carpet. Each section of the Zip Rug is vibrantly colored and has a zipper running along its sides. This allows it to be easily attached and detached to other Zip Rug pieces. Homeowners can create crazy carpet shapes and color patterns.

Can't find the perfect floor covering in standard stores? Design your dream carpet with Mut Design's Zip Rug!