The Museum of Nature Series Preserves Natural Surroundings

 - Nov 11, 2011
References: & mymodernmet
This photo series, titled Museum of Nature, imagines what it would have been like if humankind reveled in and protected precious landscapes throughout the world instead of paving over them harshly to make room for a concrete jungle. Interestingly enough, this series doesn't deny the human race's need to create, yet instead of creating to destroy, these structure serve to preserve.

Photographed and Photoshopped by Finnish artist Iikka Haslo, the Museum of Nature series also shows how nature itself can be one of the greatest forms of entertainment out there, not just to explore physically, but to simply watch. Haslo say of his work, "I visualize shelters, massive buildings where big ecosystems could be stored as at present. These massive building protect forests, lakes and rivers from pollution and what is more important from actions of man himself."