The MUID Toothpick Box Masquerades as a 35mm Roll of Film

 - Apr 30, 2013
References: auction1.paipai & 1designperday
The MUID Toothpick Box will look quite out of place at the kitchen table -- not to mention unexpected in the 21st century home in general. Taking on the convincing appearance of a roll of 35 millimeter film, the tiny wooden stick canister is a product that serves up playful deception and nostalgia.

Each tooth pick container comprises a tall cylindrical compartment with a broad base and a complete cover with a curious plastic tab. Combined with the misleading label, the objects masquerade as one of five different brands of old common photography equipment. Instead of indicating their true contents in an obvious way, the colorful stickers of the MUID Toothpick Boxes are formatted as if they're indicating the specs of the supposed rolls within.