- Jan 28, 2014
Cameras and film aren't normally known for their tastiness, but that is all about to change thanks to these photography-inspired food finds. When most people think of food and photography, they think of food photoshoots.

However, there are a ton of kitchen essentials, such as cookie cutters and seasoning shakers, designed after everything from cameras to film canisters. These products appeal to photogs who wish they could do more with their cameras in the kitchen than just snap photos.

What's more, there are quite a few edible items, including cookies and chocolates, designed to look like everything from DSLR to Polaroid cameras. Thanks to smartphones and social media, more people are taking photos of food today than ever before. These photography-inspired food finds prove that while photographing food can be fun, there's nothing like cooking and eating.

From Vintage Camera Slicers to Seasoning Photo Canisters: