The Today Show Highlights Joy Bauer's Delicious Mug Recipe

 - May 2, 2018
References: today
As part of the 'One Small Thing Series,' a popular and short segment from NBC's The Today Show, nutritionist Joy Bauer revealed a "delicious tip for brunch lovers on a diet"—the French Toast in a mug recipe. For those who want to slim down, but don't want to suffer ungodly and unsatisfying eating regimes, the "miracle in a mug" is only 140 calories per serving and also nutrient-rich with 12 grams of protein and five grams of fiber.

The mug recipe is also highly convenient as it saves time in preparation and doing the dishes afterward. Joy Bauer puts unsweetened vanilla almond milk, maple and vanilla extract, cinnamon and maple syrup in a bowl with two large egg whites. The bread is whole grain low-calorie bread and is cut up into squares. The mug recipe calls for 45 seconds in the microwave and it is ready for enjoyment.