The Moyee Chair by Jason Goh is Inspired by a Childhood Story

 - Jan 17, 2013
References: yankodesign
The Moyee Chair is a piece of furniture with an amazing origin story. As a child, the designer loved to play with his food, as many children are wont to do. He was particularly drawn to fish balls. To deter him from this distraction, his grandmother made up a terrifying tale about the fish ball coming to life as a big hairy monster and gobbling him up if he didn't gobble it up first. The Moyee Chair is how he envisioned the monster as a child.

Imagined by Jason Goh, the Moyee Chair is definitely big, round and hairy. It also has a red interior accessed with a rather small mouth. Complete with a long red tongue, the Moyee Chair looks more playfully cute than scary.