Alexa Meade Uses People as Canvasses to Create Moving Murals

 - Jul 22, 2016
References: facebook & mashable
Alexa Meade used people as her canvasses to create a moving mural. The San Francisco-based artist uses people to create pop art paintings that look like moving murals.

The couple featured in the mural are a real, longtime couple. The proposal featured in the photo shoot is a genuine one. The photo shoot took place in San Francisco's Balmey Alley. The couple were painted in black-and-white to create the optical illusion of a video.

Alexa Meade has done several other installations that involve using people as human canvasses for her artwork. Many of her works blend the human with the more surreal artwork. She refers to her style as reverse 'Trompe-L'Oeil' meaning she takes the 3D world and creates the illusion that it is a 2D painting.