Moving Drawings by Lilli Carre are Evocative of Childhood

 - Jun 11, 2014
References: lillicarre & beautifuldecay
It would be hard for a person not to identify with the art series titled Moving Drawings by Lilli Carre, an interdisciplinary artist and illustrator based in Chicago, Illinois. Illustrations first and foremost and animated GIFs second, the images are "evocative of childhood and deal with themes of mundanity and transformation," observes Beautiful Decay.

Created in collaboration with her husband, Alexander Stewart of the Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation, Moving Drawings by Lilli Carre are full of whimsical and surreal life. Carre says, "They help me get little images in my head--like a woman incessantly eating flowers--out of my mind and into moving forms. They don’t have to be part of bigger projects; they can just exist on their own and live forever on the Internet."