'Saturday the 14th' Shows How Movie Killers Spend Their Weekends

 - Mar 30, 2013
References: cgstudentawards & laughingsquid
As someone who not only loves horror movies but who also roots for movie killers with gleeful aplomb, it's nice to get a glimpse into the weekend life of a sadistic movie killer.

In 'Saturday the 14th,' a hilarious animated short film from Kristjan Lyngmo of the Vancouver Film school, we see the mundane details of what happens when a serial killer named 'Mason' goes home for the night after a busy night of slashing up teenagers and bashing bodies in sleeping bags against tree trunks. However, not every day can be Friday the 13th, and even supernatural serial killers need to eat, brush their teeth, maintain hygiene and keep their home clean. Like most movie killers, we never see Mason's face, but that makes it all the funnier as he tries to sip a drink through a straw or brush his teeth before bed. Make sure you watch until the end for a hilarious and frankly startling surprise!

Saturday the 14th is currently up for a CG Student award, which is voted on by the general public.