Disguise Your Injuries with These Wacky Moustache Bandages

Add a little humor to your medicine cabinet with these adorable moustache bandages.

While many might have just finished up another Movember, moustache-inspired items are always in vogue because of their pervasive ability to delight everyone young and old. These lip tickler bandages are a great way to disguise your booboos whether you're a boy or a girl. Additionally, they're sure to start a little conversation when friends spot a moustache where a standard bandage should be.

Although cutting yourself while shaving is a nuisance, you might find yourself more inclined to let it slide when you have these slapstick humor-like bandages on hand. As Christmas approaches ever closer, stocking stuffers like these moustache bandages will likely shock and delight your loved ones, but also make them wonder what you were thinking.