The Motus Sleeve Protects Baseball Pitchers From Injury

 - Nov 28, 2014
References: motusglobal & gizmag
The Motus Sleeve is an innovative wearable contraption, developed by Motus Global, that aims to prevent the occurrence of ligament injuries among baseball pitchers. These injuries occur when pitchers 'throw their arm out,' causing damage to their ulnar collateral ligament.

The Motus Sleeve is a stretchable sleeve worn on the throwing forearm. The sleeve's elbow pouch houses a 3D motion-sensing module that in turn consists of a trio of accelerometers and gyroscopes, flash memory and a Bluetooth transmitter. It cab operate for 8 hours at a time on a full battery charge.

The device gathers data on arm speed, wrist velocity, elbow velocity, release point, elbow height, arm orietnation and forearm pronation. This data can be used to analyze pitchers' technique and monitor their performance and fatigue in real time.