The Lotus Effect

 - Nov 25, 2008
References: newscientist
Researchers at the University of Zurich have developed a way to mimic the Lotus-Effect and make a hyper-waterproof fabric. A jacket made with this technology and submerged for two months comes out as dry as the day it was submerged.

The fabric is a polyester base coated with silicone nanofibers.

According to Lead Researcher Stefan Seeger, "The combination of the hydrophobic surface chemistry and the nanostructure of the coating results in the super-hydrophobic effect... The water comes to rest on the top of the nanofilaments like a fakir sitting on a bed of nails."

This material lends itself to self-cleaning materials, low drag swim suits and anything else where keeping dry or trapping micro-pockets of air might be of use.