The LG 'Mosquito Away' TV Emits a Sound Wave to Deter Mosquitos

 - Jun 10, 2016
References: lg & homecrux
The growing problem of malaria in markets like India has brought about the development of the LG 'Mosquito Away' TV as a way to digitally combat the flying pests.

The TV works by emitting a sound wave that deters mosquitos from coming inside the home or lingering around areas where humans are present. This harmless way of warding off mosquitos enables users to reduce or eliminate the need for chemicals and pesticides to be used to keep the pests at bay.

The LG 'Mosquito Away' TV is set to be available in a wide array of sizes and cost between $403 and $712, approximately. The incorporation of the technology in the average Indian home could help to reduce the instance of malaria transmission as well as dengue fever.