Learn to Control Your Pee with the Educational Morning Wood Cartoon

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: bens.tips & complexmag
Learn to practice control with your urination in the mornings with the comical morning routine tips that ensure precision.

Morning wood is a commonly natural phenomenon that most men have to deal with upon waking up. Luckily there is the Educational Morning Wood cartoon that demonstrates all the different strategies and positions that will enable you to release your morning urine most efficiently. This humorous guide depicts all the ingenious ways relieve yourself when the "stiffy" just gets in your way.

A few examples include ‘The Frog,' ‘The Portal,' ‘The Lunge,' and ‘The Superman,’ all distinctively demonstrating how to get it done in the early hours of the morning when natural bodily circumstances make it ever-so-difficult.

This is a fun and humorous illustrated guide that any boy and man alike can abide by in making sure the morning process is a little less of a mess.