'More Th>n' and David Tennant Have Created Relaxing Videos for Cats and Dogs

 - Nov 10, 2016
References: tennantnews.blogspot & boingboing.net
Insurance company 'More Th>n' has partnered with pet behaviourists, veterinarians, and David Tennant (the former 'Doctor Who' actor) to create a series of videos for people's pets. Though media made for animals might seem strange, More Th>n's videos have a specific purpose: they keep dogs and cats calm during periods of high stress.

Dogs and cats can often be jumpy, especially as regards loud noises. With Bonfire Night coming up in the UK (and thus lots of fireworks,) many pets suffer a night of extreme anxiety. More Th>n, which offers pet insurance, has thus created its de-stressing videos to keep pets cool.

There are two videos in the series, one for dogs and one for cats. The cat video is called 'Peer Window,' and features gentle, almost imperceptible music and incongruous images of forests and fish behind a window frame. 'Woofering Heights' is the dog video, and it shows images of other dogs relaxing while David Tennant narrates a passage from Wuthering Heights.