The Moon Hoon 'Panorama House' Looks Like it Was Drawn into Reality

 - Mar 15, 2012
References: designboom &
For those who wish to live atop a hill in a house that everyone can see and that stands out because it looks unconventional, the Moon Hoon 'Panorama House' is for you. The house looks true to its name in that its straight-edged, unfolding design based on a solid white color makes the home look so defined that it looks fake. The house looks as if its main outer design has been etched into the hillside, making onlookers wonder if the place is merely a mirage.

The home is made for a family of six, with four children. In the interior's center is a wooden arena, which features a staircase bookshelf, reading nooks and cinema seats that point towards a looming projection screen. The home is built for luxurious appeal and intrinsic fun satisfaction. The owners of the Moon Hoon Panorama House can enjoy a high class lifestyle, that does not impose upon their inner child.Photo Credits:, designboom