Ma Yansong Designs an Interesting Piece of Globetrotting Art

 - Oct 28, 2011
References: designboom
Luxury phone makers Vertu and Chinese architect and designer Ma Yansong of MAD Architects collaborated to make a grand and stunning installation in the courtyard of Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan, Italy. The monumental Vertu Constellation T installation serves to commemorate the recent launch of the Vertu’s ‘Constellation T’ touchscreen phones.

Sporting a sleek, black and spiky façade reminiscent of Goku from Dragon Ball, the futuristic-looking pavilion, weighing seven to eight tons, is designed and constructed to be mobile as it apparently would be dismantled, reassembled and installed for the inauguration of the new phone at other cities across the globe, from London to Dubai and China.

As quoted from the source, "the pavilion reflects the nature of the Vertu concept, which seeks to combine the traditions of artisan craftsmanship with the advances and possibilities of technology."

Photo Credits: designboom