Sebastian Bergne's Monthly Measure Determines Time and Length Conveniently

 - Sep 12, 2011
References: sebastianbergne & mocoloco
Designer Sebastian Bergne has done it again with the Monthly Measure, which is a clever measurer of both time and length.

Bergne is no stranger to designing some of the cleverest inventions that are both unique and beneficial for the home. His latest creation is the Monthly Measure, which is a simple, but unique design that's been intelligently crafted. It's essentially a ruler that also doubles as a calender. The top has been serrated in triangles with numbers running from 1 to 31 as a representation of the days of a month. A star with the first letters of the days of the week are embedded on the spikes. All that needs to be done is to roll the star along the ruler so that the days change.