Nik Christensen Presents Ink Blotted Brilliance

 - Jan 15, 2012
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Nik Christensen’s use of Sumi ink in these monochromatic pieces is breathtakingly powerful, startlingly clear and full of expressive details.

These illustrations are so energetic and explosive they literally seem to jump off the canvas and coax the viewer into believing they are actually black and white photographs. Through use of his hands and brushes, Nik Christensen creates these paintings inspired by a vast array of art forms, capturing both scenic landscapes and more abstract depictions. Christensen’s work is not limited to one particular subject matter, and this can be seen in his versatility with differing subjects. The connecting thread innate in his paintings is their sheer brilliance, as no piece of Christensen’s is like another. These Rorschach-infused paintings invite and encourage viewers to engage with the works, and entertain multiple interpretations of meaning.