The 'Monochrome' Series is Stark and Serene

Stuttgart, Germany-based photographer Nikolaus Gruenwald's 'Monochrome' series is a beautiful exploration of stark landscapes.

The use of light and shadow is impeccable. This is achieved through the contrast of dark elements such as crevices and rocks with lighter textures like sky and sand.

The lack of color forces the viewer to focus on the shapes of the objects and scenery Gruenwald depicts. Much of it is quite elegant and graceful, which works towards a serenity that is often lost in urban, busy environments. In fact, the series is based solely on landscapes; there is not a single person or animal in any of the shots.

Nikolaus Gruenwald should get credit not just for shooting these landscapes, but also for finding them. It can't be easy to haul a tripod around a desert, looking for that perfect shot.