This Device Helps Farmers Track and Monitor Livestock

 - Nov 24, 2015
References: & fastcoexist
'Connecterra' developed a device that helps farmers track and monitor livestock animals. Livestock are extremely valuable, which means that farmers need to keep an eye on their herd at all times. This device helps farmers track their herd and monitor the health of each individual animal.

Connecterra produces a 'Dairy Activity Monitor' that can be used to track and monitor livestock animals. The device contains high-tech sensors that track the movement of each animal and let the farmer know if it is sleeping, eating or walking. Beyond simply keeping track of an animal's whereabouts, the device also monitors the animal's health. Behavior changes are indicative of health problems, which means that unusual activity can alert a farmer to any potential problems.

The Dairy Activity Monitor provides a simple and unobtrusive means of monitoring livestock behavior.