The Lampyridae Lamps by Monica Correia Contain a Firefly-Inspired Glow

Monica Correia has created these honeycomb-like lights titled Lampyridae Lamps for launch in Milan. Although it may look like bees were the main inspiration behind these lights, it was actually fireflies that motivated the form and glow of the design.

The lamps come in various oval shapes, with some being taller or rounder than others. Because these designs come in different shapes and sizes, each can be placed in different areas of the house. The shorter design would be perfect for a table side lamp, while the taller one could stand on its own beside a couch in the living room. According to The Contemporist, "when lit the light resembles the sunset light," which would be ideal for feeling cozy on a cloudy day inside, when the rain socks in any chance for a nice view.