- Aug 6, 2008
References: de-noted
De-Noted is a website dedicated to bank notes that have been printed with messages, thoughts or random drawings.

The site features bills from various global currencies and by a plethora of artists. They range from plugs for people's MySpace pages to philosophical quotes that make you reflect on life, to pop-culture themed bills like the Joker on the $1 US bill which reflects the recent Dark Knight movie buzz. Other notes encourage how the money should be spent, such as the 10 pound bill that encourages the holder to buy a book with the money.

"When you write a question on a note and spend it, you know that it will pass through hundreds of wallets, pockets, purses, ATM's, banks and tills. The lifespan of your question will continue as long as the note is in circulation," De-Noted says.

"When the medium used has an inherent value, the chance of being dropped on a street, or scraped off by a cleaner is almost non-existent."

The site has a huge index of high resolution images of these bills, along with cheeky descriptions to supplement the money shots.