Rad Soap's Moisturizing Body Wash is Infused with Chaga Extract

 - Oct 20, 2017
References: radsoap & bustle
Inspired by its best-selling Chaga line, Rad Soap created an exclusive moisturizing body wash infused with wild harvested chaga mushroom.

Chaga is revered for its properties that energize, support cardiovascular, intestinal and liver health, as well as promote healthy blood sugar levels in the body. Additionally, chaga is known as one of the strongest antioxidants in the world with high levels of melanin and anti-aging properties. As such, Rad Soap describes its richly moisturizing Chaga Body Wash as "ideal for all ages and skin types."

Although many consumers are just now being introduced to the many wonders of adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms through food and beverages, brands can't help but integrate these potent ingredients into topical skincare treatments to offer a different way for their numerous benefits to be received.