The 'ModMic 5' Modular Microphone Fits onto Any Headphones

 - Dec 29, 2016
References: antlionaudio & thegadgetflow
Those who love their existing headphones but want to extend the capabilities of them will find the 'ModMic 5' modular microphone to be a versatile way to upgrade. The 'ModMic 5' works by being affixed onto the side of a pair of headphones to instantly add a microphone to the multimedia headgear. The microphone features an omnidirectional design that allows your voice to be isolated and to help cancel out ambient noise that might be present in an environment.

The 'ModMic 5' modular microphone features a physical mute button that will cease audio recording instantly to ensure that you aren't accidentally broadcasting or recording when you don't want to be. The 'ModMic 5' is easy to use and helps to make high-quality recordings quick to achieve.