This Modern Family Photo Series is Oddly Fascinating

 - Jun 1, 2014
References: wiernik.blogspot & featureshoot
What used to be the norm for families a century ago -- or even 30 years ago -- is no longer applicable now; coming in all shapes and sizes, this modern family photo series shows audiences how families authentically look like now without the societal pressure of looking like the perfect foursome cluster. The foursome cluster I'm referring to is the stereotypical father, mother, son and daughter Brady Bunch-like vision of what the 'right' family is.

Captured by photographer, painter and graphic artist Natalia Wiernik, the modern family photo series 'The Protagonists' takes on families of different backgrounds -- whether related or not -- who chose to be bound together out of love, linage or lifestyle.

The fascinating series is also visually appealing because Wiernik uses bold and rich textures as backdrops to her subjects.