The 'Models Who Look Like They Just Farted' Tumblr is Hysterical

The 'Models Who Look Like They Just Farted' Tumblr is a hysterical take on some interesting forms of modelling. The relieved, astonished and flat-out surprised looks that make their way across the lovely faces of these models as part of this hilarious new Tumblr are one of the most enjoyable things to look at.

The new interpretation on the fashion industry is just about the most hysterical Tumblr account yet. The different perspective definitely takes the viewer to a place that they probably would not have gone themselves, but once pointed out, is definitely hilariously apparent.

Whoever the genius was behind this concept definitely has a knack for identifying humorous faces and connecting them well. Taking the glitz and glamour of the modelling industry and combining it with the immaturity of laughing at personal gas makes the Models Who Look Like They Just Farted Tumblr one of the best.