This Comic Strip Analyzes a Typical Mobile Relationship

In today’s world so many of us are attached to our phones, but what is our mobile relationship really like?

This hilarious short comic from Bonkers World gives us a look at how we may think about our mobile relationship and how it really is.

In the first part of the comic we see the owner standing tall over the phone shouting demands at it. These demands are all very common for smartphone users and seem totally acceptable and standard. They include "Fetch my emails," "Send this photo to Lynn" and "Navigate to John’s house."

However, just when you think you know who’s in charge, the second piece of the comic puts you in your place. The phone grows bigger than the owner and rains down demands of its own including "Charge me!" "Get me some WIFI! Now!" and "Answer this call!"

Who is in charge in your mobile relationship?