This Program Helps Companies Personalize Mobile Notifications

 - Sep 3, 2015
References: kahuna & venturebeat
'Kahuna' designed a new program that helps companies personalize their mobile notifications. Many websites are equipped with technology that allows them to personalize links based on a user's browser history. While this technology is commonplace for desktop applications, there are no comparable programs for apps.

Kahuna has devised a new way for companies to add an additional level of personalization to their mobile notifications. Instead of simply taking users to a generic webpage, the 'Dynamic Deep Linking' program will direct users to a specific screen. These screens are based on information collected from a user's browser history. The idea is to help consumers save time by taking them directly from a notification to a relevant page.

The new technology can help companies utilize a customer's personal history in order to provide more personalized app notifications. This unique approach ensures that customers are directed to relevant content rather than generic information.