Mobi by Grace Choy is Part Sculpture, Part Chair

 - May 16, 2014
References: gracechoy & design-milk
Mobi by Grace Choy, an industrial designer born in the San Francisco Bay Area and based in New York City, is an object that is part work of art, part piece of furniture. Feeding off of the ambiguity that arises from such an abstract form, it encourages people to interact with it in a way that is not entirely familiar to them. By doing so, the purposefully ambiguous chair hopes to spark people's imagination and creativity.

Made entirely out of metal, Mobi by Grace Choy won the Cal Poly’s annual Vellum Furniture Design Competition. With a function that is entirely defined by the user, Design Milk writes, "By intentionally keeping the function indeterminable, it gives the user the chance to create their own piece of furniture by using their creativity."