The Mobe Hanger by Dan Hoolahan is Inspired by the Mobius Strip

 - May 16, 2013
References: danhoolahan & yankodesign
The Mobe Hanger may look familiar to some. It is the polished version of the Hwoarang hanger. With an easier to pronounce name, a nice branding touch and a change of hook material, the Mobe Hanger will be even harder to pass up. If people thought of it as purely practical, they will now want it based solely on looks

Designed by Dan Hoolahan, a creative based in Liverpool, England, the Mobe Hanger may be able to hold just about anything, but its looping mobius strip form is especially ideal for scarves, ties and belts. Great to put on display in the front hallway or secreted in the closet, the Mobe Hanger is made out of a minimal amount of plywood.