This Mixed Media Portrait Series is Whimsical and Ethereal

 - Feb 22, 2014
References: georgiath.deviantart & beautifuldecay
There's something just so hauntingly beautiful and mystical about this mixed media portrait series by Greek artist Georgia Theologou.

Using both traditional and digital media techniques, the fanciful artist creates subtly hued artwork with a color constrained palette and a filter effect of sorts to give her pieces that ethereal feel.

Her rendering techniques makes the mixed media portrait series give off that allegorical depth and visual tension seen in each of the pieces. Playing with internet ephemera and whimsical imagery, the series also has a stronghold on nature with its human, animal and cosmos references.

"All of the objects I use in my paintings are random, but this helps me to create the right place and mood, so I choose objects that are common in fairy-tales and dreams," says Theologou.