This Mixed Media Artwork Series is Surreal and Disturbing

 - Jun 15, 2014
References: kuinexs.tumblr & beautifuldecay
There is something slightly frightening yet mesmerizing about this gritty mixed media artwork series by artist Kuinexs.

Mostly focusing on the human body -- whether it be the face, legs or the body as a whole -- the 'Photodissolutions' series is definitely unique because of its very novel and surprisingly artistic technique. For the mixed media artwork series, the artist mixes paint solvents with photographs to create this mysterious final look. When the solvent fuses with the photographs a chemical reaction of sorts takes place, which leads to this smeary and blurry effect of the colors. The hauntingly disturbing images will peak your curiosity because only parts of the original photographs remain, which gives the series a juxtaposed and surreal vibe.