Mitsubishi Cooling and Heating Gets You in Your Comfort Zone

 - Jan 21, 2013
References: mistubishicomfort & adsoftheworld
This commercial somehow finds a commonality between skinny jeans, middle-aged men and Mitsubishi Cooling and Heating.

The ad is for Mitsubishi Cooling and Heating systems, also known as Mitsubishi Comfort. The tag line is "Don’t get caught out of your comfort zone." In an attempt to draw a parallel between this slogan and the skinny jeans fad, the company sets the commercial in what looks like a trendy clothing store.

A middle-aged man walks in and asks to see some pants. The snobby saleswoman suggests skinny jeans because they are hip right now. Skeptical, the man heads into the change room and struggles to get them on. When he returns, he can barely walk. He tries to stretch a little and the top button flies off. According to this ad, skinny jeans equals the same comfort level as not having Mitsubishi Cooling and Heating.