The Himalayan Misting Salt Lamp Releases Essential Oils Throughout the Room

 - Jul 17, 2018
References: hammacher & thegreenhead
Combining the helpful healing remedies of halotherapy with aromatherapy all at once, the new Himalayan Misting Salt Lamp works to calm and soothe any environment it is put into.

When plugged in and warmed, the internal light bulb activates the Himalayan salt to freshen and purify the air to treat respiratory ailments by releasing negative ions that reduce harmful toxins that affect the body daily. As well as the salt therapy, the light has a built-in essential oil diffuser that lets every chosen oil fill a room in seconds with a fine cool mist. The entire lamp is heated by a 10-watt bulb that offers five brightness settings and can be used together or individually as a lamp or diffuser.

The new Himalayan Misting Salt Lamp is available online now, to positively affect health and ambiance in a bedroom, living room or office.