This Mister Rogers Remix by John D. Boswell is Melodically Inspirational

 - Jun 7, 2013
References: pbsdigitalstudios.tumblr & mashable
Professional sound mixer John D Boswell, better known as Melody Sheep, has created a stunning remix of some of Mister Rogers's most famous quotes. Since its release, the video has inspired hundreds of people with its soft, gentle melody and motivational phrases.

Mister Rogers was one of the most famous children's TV show hosts in history and his positivity has permeated many kids' lives. Phrases such as "there is so much we can learn, no matter how old we are" and "find the truth in you" have carried down through generations of children as feel-good mantras.

This nostalgic Mister Rogers remix is a flawless mixture of music, video and lyrics and will definitely catch the attention of lifelong Mister Rogers fans from all over the globe.