This Miro Simko Series is Haunting and Eerie

'When the mood is black & white' by Presov, Slovakia-based photographer Miro Simko is an exploration of majestic, yet eerie scenery.

One photograph depicts a castle atop a rugged, rocky hill surrounded by a sea of mist. In another, an old, wooden church stands against a wintry background of icy trees and dark gray skies. In a third, a large sun shines faintly behind a miasma of gray skies and silhouetted crags. The black and white theme only enhances this ghostly imagery.

Throughout the series, there is a conspicuous absence of people. This enhances the already eerie mood of the photographs. Indeed, there is a haunting quality to them. Much of what Simko photographs is the product of people, yet those people are long gone.