The Mirdle

 - Mar 27, 2008
Men are becoming more and more inclined to grooming and self image, which does no harm. However, is the new craze in male underwear taking it a step too far. The Mirdle, male girdle, is being worn to hide beer bellies and make men appear younger and fitter. Although not the everyday alternative to exercise and a healthy lifestyle, the Mirdle is being recognised as an ideal garment for one off use, such as too look young and fit for a job interview. One British actor decided to wear the garment to an audition in order to obtain a film role.

Although i am a firm supporter of the rugged male, a few finger tips of hair wax and a nice scent is welcome but a man in a girdle is far to alien or just plain wrong to me. However, the body shaping boxer shorts have become a big seller so this could be the start of a population of Buff blokes (or so we think until their shirts come off).