Mintycoco's Oil Whitens Teeth Without Any Bleach

 - Jan 5, 2017
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For those looking for an alternative oral hygiene regime that reduces the role of brushing, Mintycoco might have the answer. The dental company's signature product is a single-dose sachet full of coconut oil that cleans and whitens teeth through an ancient Ayurvedic practice called oil pulling.

Rather than brushing paste roughly across one's teeth, oil pulling is an all-natural oral detox that involves swishing coconut oil around in one's mouth for an extended period of time (Mintycoco recommends between 5 and 15 minutes.) The oil picks up microbes as it hits the teeth and gums and holds them firmly in the solution.

Mintycoco's single-dose sachets contain just the right amount of coconut oil sourced from Sri Lankan coconuts. The product has a pleasant peppermint flavoring, which is important considering the length of the process.