This Boxed White Structure Features a Flat Roof and Clean Design

 - Feb 16, 2018
References: architonic & design-milk
As minimalist houses are beginning to be an integral architectural structural element, influenced by the modern movement and the desire for holistic living, the Vasco Cabral + Sofia Saraiva studio have created a zen weekend retreat in Santarém, Portugal.

The structures boasts a clean and white design. The walls are void of any embellishments or artwork. The structure features a typical for minimalist houses feature -- the rectangular shape of the architecture offers the familiarity of right angles and geometrical designs, while the symmetric and uniform distributions of windows and doors fascinate peace of mind and stylistic comfort. Moreover, the building features a narrow furniture-less hallway that is subtly lightened up by an elongated low-placed glass, while the wide floor-to-ceiling window in the living room offers a customary juxtaposition for minimalist houses of clean design and lush natural environments.

Photo Credtits: José Campos