Stella Beau Designs Turn Plumbing Shelves Into Home Decor

For all you book nerds, Stella Beau Designs has some special minimalist book shelves entitled the ‘Industrial Bookshelf.’ While certainly industrial, the shelves utilize your daily plumbing pipes in intricate designs to support your books (or similarly sized pieces).

This bookshelf incorporates both plumb tubing and accent lighting to display your books (that you only own to pretend you’re smart when guests come over). These multipurpose tubes offer incredible durability and strength, and will serve as the perfect edition to that exposed brick wall. For those extra savvy persons, perhaps consider running actual drainage through these pipes for added authenticity.

Choose between red/white, red or black. The ‘Industrial Bookshelf’ is priced at $349 online and ships complete with all instructions and materials from Stella Beau Designs.