Cement Eclipses by Isaac Cordal Depicts Depressed Businessmen

 - Jan 9, 2015
References: cementeclipses & fubiz.net
Cement Eclipses is a series of miniature sculptures that depict a very bleak world filled with depressed and disillusioned businessmen. Painting a sad picture of a inescapable present or an avoidable near future, the images are full of social significance that people can interpret in their own ways. Although the miniature sculptures clearly occupy their own reality, they interact with the real world in very interesting ways.

Created by artist Isaac Cordal, who is known for his stunning works, his latest series of miniature sculptures is just as dark as his previous ones. Fubiz writes, "As small interventions in a big city, the sculptures can be found in the gutters, on top of buildings or over bus shelters.È