'Mimikry' by Carsten Witte is Elegant and Balanced

Butterflies are unique among insects in that they are generally considered pretty; 'Mimikry' by Carsten Witte aims to convey some of this beauty, but with an interesting twist.

The Hamburg, Germany-based photographer superimposes the forms and visages of women into the wings of the butterflies in the series. In certain photographs, the effect is clear and apparent; in others, it is subtle, almost imperceptible. Throughout the series, Witte's work is elegant and precise. The black backgrounds that the photographer sets the subjects against do well to enhance this elegance and precision.

Post-shoot manipulated photography can often come off as hackneyed and amateurish. However, the quiet, but defined interplay of colors, softly curving lines and impeccably balanced composition of the captures leaves little, if anything, to be desired.