The Million Dollar Safari is the Ultimate in Luxurious Travel

Extraordinary Journey's Million Dollar Safari is the only vacation during which travelers can experience both the thrills of the wilderness and the extravagance of luxury travel. The safari spans about 36 days and takes vacationers right into the heart of the Savannah, where they can interact directly with African mammals while enjoying a small, five-star resort.

The safari trip includes a series of incredible adventures, including gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Big Game viewing in the Maasai Mara. Included in the trip are visits to the beaches of Mozambique, Cape Town, the Winelands and Victoria Falls. By the end of the safari, the trekkers will have been all over the heart of Africa, experience the wilderness from a vantage point that has never been so readily available.

The price of the Million Dollar Safari is pretty extravagant, making it an extremely luxurious experience. Even with that decadent price, the Million Dollar Safari sounds like the trip of a lifetime.