The Miha Artnak 'Layers' Photo Series Questions Reality

 - Sep 12, 2011
References: & unurth
Under the concept that there are numerous realities, the Miha Artnak 'Layers' photo series peels off street objects to artistically question what is in front of our eyes.

Currently located in Slovenia, this savvy street art creates the illusion of multiples realities behind each piece. Similar to "peel here" adhesives, the photographic layers are strategically placed on the corner of diverse objects or structures, suggesting alternative scenarios or universes. For example, the layer of a high voltage breakers box brings up an infinite sky, and the layer of the back of a book cover reveals half of a passionate, red heart. Metaphysical Greek philosophers would be certainly interested in discussing the root of this dubious reality! 

Philosophically oriented and impeccably executed, Miha Artnak Layers series proves that reality is worth taking a second look at. I invite you to browse through the pictures and be surprised by what the real world can hide.