Miguel Manzur Embraces Violence and Chaos in His Art

 - Jun 30, 2011
References: migmaa & trendsnow.net
The work of Miguel Manzur has a rather old-school aesthetic with a modern edge. Although it look as though these illustrations would fit in some kind of vintage magazine, its quirky scenarios and crass imagery would probably not be accepted by those older generations. As stand-alone art, these surreal images can be appreciated just as they are.

Based in Philadelphia, Miguel Manzur is a full-time freelance graphic designer, illustrator and digital artist. Although there is a retro quality about each of this artworks, he covers very futuristic content as well. With an underlying feeling of violence and chaos, Miguel Manzur's work seems to appeal to a person's most animalistic natures.

Miguel Manzur does both client and gallery work.