Miquel Endara Drew His Father's Face One Tiny Circle at a Time

 - Dec 7, 2011
References: miguelendara & thisiscolossal
This stunning portrait by Miguel Endara is a collection of 3.2 million dots. The talented web developer used an art technique called pointillism to draw a candid picture his father. The painting is captivating and real, as the little circles become the pores of the skin, and manage to beautifully capture the imperfections of the face.

With the help of Micron pens, Endara wonderfully recorded every dot on paper. He also shot a video of the process, summarizing the actual project, which nearly took 210 hours to complete. Additionally, the artist has a zoomable version of the image on his website, making visible even the smallest of dots.

Miguel Endara has a remarkable portfolio of work on his website, raging from websites he has created to other art works.