The Midori Uchi is Environmentally Sensitive

The 'Midori Uchi' House, which translates into "green home" in Japanese, is the latest residential project by green company Naikoon Contracting Ltd. The home is classified as net-zero, meaning it produces more energy than it consumes annually. The home is one of the few of its kind in the Lower Mainland area of North Vancouver.

Naikoon's president, Joe Geluch, explains, "With Midori Uchi we took current residential standards to the next level, using some of the most advanced sustainable systems and innovative, eco-friendly building materials available. Not only did we use reclaimed lumber and fill from a warehouse two blocks away, but we sourced almost everything locally."

The beautiful, urban home has won over the city's mayor, Darrel Massatto, who has publicly praised it for helping reduce the city's ecological footprint.