These Middle Earth Posters Advertise Tourism in the Lands of Tolkien

 - Mar 1, 2014
References: etsy & mightymega
Etsy Shop PasspArt has released this delightful Middle Earth Travel Posters. Designed like old school travel posters, these art prints advertise some of the many locations seen throughout the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies. Posters include Bag End (where the Hobbits live), Gondor Rhohan and Lothlorien, land of the Elves.

These posters are extremely well designed and have friendly and inviting greetings like "Welcome to Gondor and her capital city, Minas Tirith" written in script. The posters are painted in rich, earthy colors, including dark golds, reds, greens and browns. The posters are also minimalist with a focus on the architecture and appealing geography including mountains, cliffs, and tall trees. These Middle Earth Posters are a must-have for any Tolkien fan.