Loved By 1%

 - Sep 11, 2007
References: usatoday & abcnews.go
Could your product be the next hot trend? In order to make make it big, you only have to capture the hearts of 1% of the population. According to Mark J. Penn, author of the new book Microtrends, "By the time a trend hits 1 percent, it is ready to spawn a hit movie, best-selling book, or new political movement." He coined the term "soccer moms," then helped Bill Clinton lock up their vote. Penn was/is a chief adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton's presidential campaigns.

"The old view of America was we had a melting pot. It was all about so many different cultures coming together into one, and I think now it is a more niching of America," Penn said. "People are making many more choices in these lifestyles, and they're being put together not just by class, and not just by race, but by these choices that really sit at the core of the microtrends."